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The starting point of all achievement is desire. ~Napoleon Hill

Desire: a strong feeling of wanting something

The desire to read a book, the desire to post a blog, the desire to finish a project, the desire to graduate, the desire to be successful, the desire to have a family, the desire to…you feel in the blank.

Our achievements begin with a simple desire, a simple dream, a simple thought that is given life and takes shape over time through our experiences.  A hunger, an ambition, an innate feeling that belongs only to you. Your #SCHOOLGIRLHUSTLE.

Recently, I have been in a place of, let’s say a one-woman circus, homeschooling my oldest son, helping my middle son navigate the tumultuous 2s, birthing my baby girl, working on my M.A. in Women’s Studies, launching a local task force for young women, oh, and supporting my husband while he serves overseas and the 20 other families impacted. Some days, I cannot completely comprehend what is going on around me and within, as there are constant ebbs and flows. Family, friends and strangers continually ask, “How are you able to manage?” And my answer is by HIS grace. And when I truly reflect on that statement it is HIS grace that has allowed my DESIRE to continue to ring strong and resonate, regardless of the challenges and obstacles.  My desire to teach my children, my desire to complete my degree, my desire to further my education, my desire to support my service members and families alike, my desire to be the best me that I can be. Desire — a six letter word that has so much power. Power to overcome circumstances.

Your education, your desired accomplishments have only one owner-YOU! Own it, rock it, make it work for YOU! Don’t lose sight of your desire.

Create a desire/dream board or one of those cool word clouds that lists your desires. Having a visual or tangible tool will help to motivate you when challenging times arise. Know that you are equipped to accomplish many things, great things, things that you desire.

Dig in your heels, dream big; your desires are limitless. Enjoy the journey and seeing your desires come to fruition.

sghpicSHENÉE LYNETTE SIMON is a Virginia native and is a respected professional in the San Antonio community with over twelve years of experience in for-profit and not-for- profit sectors in areas of Human Resources and Non-Profit Management. She has been actively engaged in program ideation, creation and implementation in both profit and not-for- profit arenas.  With concentrations in program development, fundraising, recruiting, independent education and sales, Shenée has worked in influential roles such as a United States Army volunteer, Director of Development-The Jeremiah Project Homeless Initiative, Senior Recruiter for CNL Financial Group, Inc., Sales & Recruiting Agent with Randstad North America, Assistant Director of Annual Giving with the Madeira School, Development Associate at Chatham Hall School and the Director of the Transition Welfare to Work Program with the Virginia Foundation for Women. She is a proven performer and woman of God who has dedicated her life to Christ 30 years ago and continues her journey to utilize the gifts and talents he has bestowed her with: possessing a servant’s heart and being a collaborator and relationship builder. She has recently accepted the task and gift of home-schooling her children in addition to working with the American Association of University of Women, Younger Women’s Task Founder San Antonio (Founder), Family Readiness Group, University of Richmond Alumni Board-Regional Chapter Leader, Rollins College Alumni Board-Regional Chapter Leader. She seeks out creative opportunities through domestic and international partnerships to address needs where she lives, works and recreates. Her #SCHOOLGIRLHUSTLE: Graduate of Henrico High School, B.A. in Women’s Studies from the University of Richmond, M.A. in Human Resources Management from Rollins College and currently pursuing a M.A. in Women and Gender Studies from Southern Connecticut State University. Shenée is married to MSG Ronald L. Simon and the proud mother of three-Ronald (5.5), Robert (2) and Rory (2 months). She enjoys reading historical fiction, travelling, spending time with family, French culture and the arts.

Never Give Up

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I was almost brought to tears when I heard a story about a young lady that I work with. She was deprived of an opportunity to continue her education after her freshman year of college. A man, who stalked and violated her physically, made her afraid to go back to school. The summer after her first year, she told her mother that she was too afraid to go back to campus. So, she decided to quit school, with the intention of going back. A few years later, because of the fear that he instilled in her, she has yet to go back to school. I could not believe it when she told this to me.

Putting myself in her position, I can’t help but think about how differently my life would have turned out if I had an experience like that. I never felt unsafe walking around campus during my undergraduate years at the University of Richmond. It was an incredible experience for me, and I don’t know what I would have done if I was in her shoes. It makes me so angry to know that there are people that will harm someone physically and emotionally, especially without any legitimate reason.

I have a younger sister who will be going to college next year, and it saddens me to feel a need to talk to her about how to prevent these circumstances. I understand the tears of excitement and anxiety that parents feel when they send their kids to college (especially their little girls who are becoming young women). When I think about all of the horrible things happening around the world, I cannot help but feel nervous at the thought of going back to school myself, but I will not let it stop me. I encourage any and everyone to not have their lives hindered and deprived out of fear. We must, unfortunately, take safety precautions as much as possible, but we must not let someone scare us into having our lives deprived of opportunities to live our lives to the fullest.

In the words of Whitney Houston, in her song, Never Give Up, “Hold your head to the sky, look them right in the eyes, Tell ’em you will never quit until the day you get it right….Even though some days you’ll have to cry, Shake it off and know that everything will be alright as long as you never ever give up.”

StephStephanie Granderson is a community advocate driven by her passion for education. Though she was raised in Richmond, Virginia, much of her cultural background comes from Trinidad and Tobago, where most of her family was born. As a first generation citizen and college graduate, she aspires to motivate her students to be successful just as others have done for her. While attending the University of Richmond, she was able to connect what she was learning in her classes about social inequalities with her experience volunteering in various schools and non-profits. Part of her experience was at Higher Achievement, where she had the opportunity to teach math and mentor students in under-resourced communities.  After graduation, she continued to serve Richmond through VCU’s AmeriCorps program where she tutored first and second graders to establish a stronger foundation in reading. She continues to tutor students in math, from kindergarten all the way up to calculus,
part-time after working at a middle school with students who have special needs in the City of Richmond. Stephanie loves to knit, dance, eat sushi, and practice speaking Spanish whenever she has the opportunity.